7 Stressful Beauty Problems All Women Will Understand

It’s said to never ask a woman with a winged eyeliner why she is late. While your beauty game is generally on point, there are those cringe worthy moments where everything that could go wrong, does. In short, some days the struggle to look your best is just too real. Don’t panic though; at least we’re in this together.

1. Sudden Breakouts
Maybe it’s that time of the month or heavy weather changes. Regardless, we have all been there: One morning you wake up to find your skin covered with spots that are anything but sophisticated. To make it worse, spots always tend to appear at the worst of times; on the day of an important business meeting or that big date that you have been really looking forward to. Where is a magic wand when you need one?

2. Lipstick Failures
We all love a pop of colour as a finishing touch, but massive stains on your teeth? Not so much. Keeping lipstick in check through the day isn’t the easiest of things, no matter how much lip liner or primer you use it has a tendency to still end up on those pearly whites. The icing on the cake is when you discover it yourself and realise why everyone has been staring weirdly at you for the past hours.

3. Gloss Chaos
For those who prefer a shinier pout, lip gloss is a great option. Unless you tend to have longer hair and live where there might be a possibility for some kind of a breeze (Which is basically everywhere). It might be the weather or just turning around too quickly, but whatever you do you know it will only take five minutes before you have more hair on your face than behind your ears. And don’t even get us started on the sticky stains.

4. Tearing Tights
You’ve just aced your makeup, fixed your hair and managed to wiggle yourself into a new pair of tights. Everything is set and you’re on your way to start the day, only to notice a small ripple on the side of your leg. By the time you discovered it it’s too late to change and the only option left is to watch your stockings turn into shreds and your whole outfit go down the drain. If you do manage to uncover the rip on time, dab a small amount of clear matte nail polish on it to stop it from going completely off the wall.

5. Chapped Nails
Whether it was frenetically typing on a keyboard or nervously biting your fingers, you all of a sudden find yourself short of a nail or stuck with a messed up paint job. You have no time to get another mani, remove the chapped polish or paint it over. Bye pretty paws, hello anxiety.

6. Contour Gone Wrong
It’s one of those days; you wake up and feel like you have finally seen enough tutorials to really try out some advanced contouring. Or maybe not. By the time you’ve blended the hollows of your cheeks for the fourth time and added more shimmer than Liberace, you realise you will probably end up looking like you’re joining a tribe. 

7. Eye smudges
Speaking of streaks; when it comes to eye makeup, there are few things as annoying as messing up your mascara or eyeliner. Drawing a line just a bit too high on your crease usually ends up looking like a huge black blotch instead of a sleek cat eye. The same goes for the typical mascara sneeze that comes out of nowhere and leaves you looking like a raccoon. Let’s face it; some days it’s just better to go au natural and enjoy the skin you’re in!

Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images