Bronzing pearls

Want A Sun-Kissed Glow? Meet Bronzing Pearls

Who doesn’t want a radiant glow to their skin? Bronzing pearls are an easy way to achieve this coveted sun-kissed look.

With all the hype around contouring the last few years (thanks Kim Kardashian) you would be forgiven for thinking a bronzing powder was your only option to get that ultimate feline cheekbone. But what about those days when you’re after a more natural no-makeup look, but still want some definition? Enter bronzing pearls, the beauty industry’s answer for those of us who want sun-kissed radiant skin without a full photoshoot-ready contour look – or any accidental streaky contours.

What Exactly Are Bronzing Pearls?
Bronzers come in many forms, including liquids, gels, powders - and pearls! Bronzing pearls are individual balls of compressed mineral powders that usually come in a variety of hues like pink and gold mixed together.

What Do They Do?
We’ve all seen the Instagram video tutorials on contouring – and most of us have probably tried it at home. If you thought it looked too unnatural, your result came out too streaky, or you felt the bronzer was hard to blend, then bronzing pearls are for you.

When you sweep a fluffy brush over these little pearls to pick up the different shades, they then blend together when stroked over the skin creating a sun-kissed effect.

Multicoloured pearls in several different colors can typically provide a more natural look than a traditional one-tone bronzer. As skin tone is naturally varied, the multiple shades of bronzing pearls can give a person the look of having actually been in the sun rather than using cosmetics.

Not only do they generally have a less intense effect due to being a combination of various hues, but you don’t have to worry about your makeup brush picking up more product than required (sometimes it’s difficult to judge how much is on your brush and you can end up with too much on your cheeks and then have to dab it off with a tissue). So it saves some hassle out of your everyday makeup application.

Basically, it’s easier to not go overboard when using bronzing pearls – and it’s always easier to add more makeup than to remove it!

How To Use Bronzing Pearls?
Swirl a medium sized powder brush or blush brush over the pearls to get a perfect blend of all pigments. Tap the brush to get rid of excess product. Apply on your cheeks with circular sweeping strokes for a glowing, rosy finish.

We like the Giordani Gold Luminous Peach or Sublime Radiance toned pearls.

Swirl a fan brush over the pearls to get a perfect blend of all pigments. Next, use the thin side of the brush to contour your face by sweeping bronzer underneath your cheekbones. Then add some product at your temples and along your hairline for a more natural-looking glow.
We recommend something with matte like our Giordani Gold Matte Bronze toned pearls.

In the mood for more intensely rosy cheeks? Pick out some of the bright pink pearls and put them in your hand. Use a brush to pick up the pigments and sweep it over your cheeks. Voilà!
You can do a similar trick, using only the light-coloured pearls, to create a highlighting effect. Hold them in your hand, then use a brush to highlight your cheekbones, your brow bones or the tip of your nose!

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