Summer-Proof Your Makeup Routine

In the height of hot weather and humidity, you'll need resilient makeup that will see you through the day and into the night in impeccable style. Here’s how to summer-proof your beauty routine when the temperatures begin to soar.

Forgo heavy-duty makeup and take a less-is-more approach to your warm-weather beauty routine. Start your day with a moisturising cream that’s high in SPF. The heavier the formula, the more likely you are to sweat, so select a lightweight texture.


Great looking makeup needs a flawless base. Primer – on your skin and around your eyes – will minimise pores, even-out your skin tone and create a long-lasting canvas for your makeup. In short: it will make you makeup melt-proof – hooray!


When you’ve got sun-kissed skin you need less coverage, so replace your foundation with a BB Cream. The feather light texture and breathable composition will give you a healthy-looking summer glow, so you can put that foundation away until winter.


Sweat-proof. Smudge-proof. Waterproof. You want it all and more when it’s hot out. Avoid panda eyes and invest in a water-resistant mascara and eyeliner, selecting gel and liquid rather than kohl, which tends to run. Bright and sheer glossy lips will stay put, whilst heavier lipsticks are likely to smudge when you perspire.


“The feather light texture and breathable composition of BB cream will give you a healthy-looking summer glow”


If you normally use pressed powder to absorb excess oil, think again. If the weather is humid, some powders may solidify and cake on your face. Instead beat-the-heat by carrying blotting papers in your handbag.


Dry powder based makeup, like your favourite winter eye shadows and blushes are likely to melt off your face (not pretty!). Instead select creamy formulas and use them to highlight for an instant summer glow. In fact we love using cream eye shadows to illuminate our brow, cheek, shoulder and collarbones.

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame