Your décolleté: a skin care drama waiting to happen!

For many women, the décolleté can become a source of concern as they age. Will you be one of them? Read on to discover more about this often-overlooked skin area and how you can keep it looking youthful and beautiful.

“Your what?”, you ask
For those who didn’t study french language… or biology… or biology in french … the décolleté (also known by another wonderfully exotic name: décolletage) is your upper chest, lower neck and shoulders. That’s right folks, it’s there in the mirror every time you’re doing your face care routine, but do you really notice it and give it the care it’s crying out for? Most women would say no. So if you’re one of them, you’re not alone!

Why does it matter?
Another great question, with a rather important answer. Simply put, skin care isn’t only about caring for your face. In fact, you could say face care starts from the chest up. Why? Because as with facial skin, the skin on your neck and décolleté is subject to the effects of ageing caused by genetics and environmental factors like exposure to sun and urban pollution. This translates to a thinning dermis, and the breakdown of elastin and collagen which leads to (amongst other things) a loss of skin suppleness, lines and – you guessed it – wrinkles!

It’s a weak zone
Compounding the problem, neck and décolleté skin is structurally some of the least resilient on the entire body. Over time, this can make signs of ageing appear far more dramatic, as the skin slackens, crumples and causes a noticeable contrast to develop between the appearance of your upper chest and neck and your face.

And then there’s gravity!
When it comes to our bodies, gravity has the terrible habit of taking over in places where its least wanted. And sadly, without dedicated care, your décolleté could be one of them as you age. Another great reason to get organised from early on – particularly if you want to avoid having skin you feel the need to cover up with clothing or jewellery, rather than show off.

So, what’s the plan of action?
Sure, you could use a body lotion or even a facial cream to try and stem the tide. But that’ll only get you so far. In reality, an age-defence solution tailored specially for your neck and décolleté is the savviest way forward. And one stellar solution is NovAge Neck & Décolleté Advanced Sculpting Serum. Consider it your secret weapon to achieving a healthier, more youthful-looking décolleté you’ll want to flaunt – and can, with absolute confidence!

A top tip to finish
Now you’ve got the low-down on this mystery zone and how to take care of it. But before you start pampering your décolleté with the love it deserves, don’t forget this advice from the experts… as mentioned earlier, prolonged exposure to the sun can worsen signs of ageing on the neck and décolleté, so always take care to supplement your décolleté regimen by applying sunscreen before leaving the house. Prevention is always better than cure!

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