Your 5 Most Common Grooming Mistakes

It’s a new year and resolutions are in full swing; Time to invest in you! But where to start? Proper grooming can work wonders, but not if you don’t have the basics down first. So, we’ve got you covered; here are 5 common grooming mistakes and how to tackle them.

Everything from harsh weather conditions to shaving takes it’s toll on your skin, which is why it’s all the more important to protect and nurture it. Proper moisture prevents and treats dry skin as well as keeps oily/combination skin balanced. For multifunctional effect, choose a product that works both as an aftershave and moisturiser. Use it immediately after a shower and/or shave while your skin is still soft and damp for best complexion.

A dry shaving attempt rarely ends up successful. Not using shaving gel when you groom your facial hairs will pave way for irritation, rashes, shaving bumps and ingrown hairs, not to mention the serious ouch factor if your hand would accidentally slip. Avoid painful skin and inflammations by using a moisturising shaving gel and changing your razors regularly. For superior results, shave just after your shower as it helps to open up your pores and makes the skin smoother.

Scruffy and scraggly or finely groomed? Uneven stubbles and messy beards are not a great look for anyone. Make sure to trim the edges of your beard or moustache into shape on a daily basis; go lightly over the edges of your facial hair with a trimmer and a guide comb. Cut everything back to a uniform length and make sure the outline is nice and crisp. While you’re at it, trim your ear and nose hair too to keep everything neat and clean.

Finding products that adhere to your preferences and does the trick for your skin could feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Instead, you might end up grabbing the first best thing on the shelf. Using the wrong products will only bring down your look, so invest time in really getting to know the different needs of your hair, skin and nails to find what works best for you.

Proper grooming takes you a long way, but it might be a slippery slope knowing when it has gone a little bit too far. Using too much wax will give you a greasy look, excessive use of cologne will be overbearing and plucking away at your eyebrows will only lessen your features. Try to think everything in moderation; balance is key, as well as taking the time to figure out what works best for you.

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame