Four Ways to Make the World a Better Place This Gift-giving Season

You probably have a good idea what gifts will delight and dazzle your nearest and dearest, but what if you could do a little bit more this gift-giving season? Why not give an extra gift this year – one that allows you to reach out and bring joy to those less fortunate? We’ve curated five of our favourite ways to give the gift of charity this holiday season!

1. Provide vaccines for children
Give a donation on behalf of your loved one this year and, together, make a difference in the lives of children in need. For even just one, small donation you could provide polio vaccines for up to 100 children, making a real, meaningful difference in their lives.

2. Pay to educate a child
Give the gift of education this gift-giving season and support children in their dreams to learn. One donation from you could pay to educate a child in need – give this gift on behalf of your friend or family member so you can both make a meaningful difference!


3. Pay for a new baby kit
This year, why not give a gift that could save countless lives in the developing world? This year you could pay for a new baby kit that would help new mothers to care for their newborns. Your donation would help to support women and children during one of the most vulnerable times in their lives and share a bit of extra love this holiday season!

4. Pay to support vulnerable women and children
This year you could support women and children who are fleeing domestic violence. During the holiday season, your donations can be used to buy gifts for those in need during the holiday season. You can also pa to provide ‘safety parcels’, which include, among other things, advice on legal rights and emotional support for women and children in need.

Take the opportunity this gift-giving season to spread love and joy to those in the world who really need it, and share this with your loved ones. Have a look online for the different charity gifts that are possible and spread some love this year!