Beauty Alert: Trends to Watch in 2019

Microtrends and the hottest styling ideas - let`s make the most of our wardrobes and our dear make-up bags!

Florals - say it with flowers!
To be able to nail the floral trend, combine your dresses with low-key shoes and minimal add-ons to avoid visual overload.

Short squoval shapes, clear press-on technique, white nails and nudes – heads up, nail art is taking a minimalist turn.

The 1960s 
Triangles, rectangles, squares – the retro prints will land on the streets. Top-to-toe too bold? Team print skirts or jackets with plain colour.

Shine On
No matter how sheer you go it is always a statement, so just go for it!
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Bold Colours 
Red, blue, yellow – take your pick! 2019 is all about getting back to basics on the colour chart.

This season even the boldest looks will be built on a natural, healthy looking foundation. 
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Short and long, black and white – embrace the beauty of contrast!

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame