“Detox” and Chill is Trending

Homebodies rejoice! Because the trend of staying-in, to restore, is very real. Have you heard of JOMO (joy of missing out)? JOMO is about appreciating present moments to find gratification with what you’re currently doing. In the spirit of selective slacking, we’ve designed a guide to help you embrace the shameless pleasure of sofa-surfing, self-care, and all the other soothing tasks you’ll be conducting in the comfort of your pyjamas. So, cancel your plans — tonight you’re staying in-in!

Make your moments count
Why not make the most of your evening at home by pampering, luxuriating, and detoxing from your day? Take advantage of this opportunity to reclaim your me-time — go ahead, indulge a little! Because the difference between staying-in and staying in-in is in the lavish details. So, put on your comfiest clothes, settle into your most soothing space, and treat yourself to the ultimate night at home.

For easy yet luxurious home spa treatments try:

The Multi-tasking Manicure
You may have heard of the Mindful Manicure, where you turn the focus inwards while zoning out the salon and nail technician as they pamper, polish and perfect your hands. Well, this is an upgraded version of mindful, wherein you nourish your nails while multi-tasking. With the at-home spa, you’re free to simultaneously bathe in a sea of endless streaming content while revelling in rich luscious colours of lacquer. Here’s your chance to restore, recharge, and if you have multiple series to watch, repeat the entire process on your feet. See, multitasking can be rewarding!

The Next-level Facial
Treating yourself to a luxurious facial is as easy as 1, 2, 3…4! We’ve refined the facial regime by developing a collection of tools to help your products deliver superior results. Are you ready to glow? Prime your skin for refreshed looks with these four steps:

  1. It’s important to begin with cleansed skin. After carefully cleansing your skin, a nice way to ease into your skincare routine is with a steam bath. Start by adding hot water (not boiling) to a bowl, then for a few minutes carefully hold your face over the steam. This will soften your skin’s top layer, prepping it for the next step.
  2. Now you’re ready to reap the replenishing benefits of a face mask while engaging all your senses with luscious scents in creamy, hydrating textures. Take a generous amount of your favourite mask and gently massage upward spreading evenly on your neck and face. Or try our mask spatula to apply the mask like an expert aesthetician — with precision and ease.
  3. Let the mask sit for the time indicated on the packaging, allowing the skin to really get all the benefits. Afterwards, remove the mask with warm water then gently pat dry with a clean towel. If using a sheet mask, just massage any product residue within your skin so it can take it all in, and responsibly discard the sheet mask.
  4. And finally, moisturise the skin. To really boost the hydration this facial promises, we recommend choosing a face lotion or cream which best suits your current skin needs, whether that is to calm, soothe, or ultra-hydrate. It will lock in all the moisture so that your skin can replenish fully.

The Intensive Hair Mask
Ok, a conditioner may not count as a spa treatment, but it can easily be combined with the previous two. And with protective, strengthening or caring properties — depending on which you choose for your hair — it adds a desirable element to our luxuriating routine. As you’re waiting for your face mask or pedicure to dry, distribute a lavish layer of the hair mask throughout your hair. Let it sit for at least five minutes then rinse. The results: smooth, glossy, fortified locks you’ll love!

A TOP TIP, AS A FINAL THOUGHT: Have a few hours alone to truly unwind? Try going completely off the grid. With the lights low, prep a hot bath — applying a few drops of Tranquil oil for a sensorial experience — log off all devices and turn on your most soul-soothing playlist. Now close your eyes and revel in this new ritual you’ve just mastered.
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