Digital lavender: How to add 2023’s hottest colour to your beauty routine

Digital lavender is trending in a big way. Being named colour of the year 2023 the shade is set to infiltrate our lives in all ways, appearing in everything from fashion to beauty. Here we’ve listed some of our best beauty products that will help you add the colour to your daily routine.

With a refreshing manicure
Planning to hit the at-home-salon for a refreshing manicure session? It’s the perfect time to jump on this year’s colour trend, digital lavender. Opt for a beautiful lavender nail polish from OnColour just as it is or blend it in with some cool nail art.

With a hydrating lotion
You’ll be right on trend when you hydrate your hands and body with this nourishing Essense & Co lotion. It absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling soft, with the delicious scent of plum and myrrh left to linger throughout the day.

With a colourful eye shadow
Add a digital lavender colour pop to your make-up look with The One Colour Unlimited Eye Shadow. Apply it directly to your lash line for a rich eye liner effect or sweep all over your lids for a bolder look.


With a calming face mask
Essentials Calming Face Mask is, just as digital lavender, known for its relaxing effects. With lavender oil and pro-vitamin B5 it will refresh, nourish, and soothe your stressed-out skin. It’s perfectly on-trend!

With a cleansing soap bar
Take your at-home spa moment to the next level with the Scents & Moments Sweet Dreams Relaxing Soap Bar. The soaps soft colour is just in line with the digital lavender trend, making the product serve both as a great cleanser and beautiful interior detail.

With an illuminating hair and body mist
Did you know you can follow the colour trend and get glowing skin and hair at the same time? Just add Crystologie Blissful Aura Illuminating Hair and Body Mist to your routine. You’ll be glimmering all day long!