Letting you shine through

Whether it’s that darling ring that’s on your finger day and night, or a delicate pendant necklace resting close to your heart, the rare intimacy of jewellery can’t be underestimated. Choose the stones that speak to you and stack them in layers to tell your own personal story.

A mismatch made in heaven
For a more contemporary and personal look, don’t be afraid to mix your metals and wear your favourite jewellery pieces layered together. Combine colourful semi-precious stones with more serious styles, layer statement rough quartz pendants with delicate necklaces, or stack bracelets in both warm gold and cool silver, creating a playful story with personality.

For example, the Hope Rose Quartz Bracelet, with a string of naturally shaped rose quartz pebbles on a silver-toned fine chain, mixes beautifully with the gold-toned Empower Love Bracelet, adorned with a trio of semi-precious stones.

The piece that changes everything
Semi-precious stones are rare gifts from Mother Nature, charged with power from the deep earth. Choose a piece that speaks to you, and it will be a personal treasure that feels like it’s always been yours. Style with your family hand-me-downs and let it elevate any outfit from good to great – whether it’s a straight-up black T-shirt with jeans or your go-to evening dress.

Right now, we’re in love with the Empower Quartz Ring with a massive, raw cut yellow quartz, beaming like warm sunshine in a delicate gold-toned frame. For soothing your senses, go for the Serene Amazonite Earrings, celebrating the creamy, blue-green glow of natural amazonite strung from a crystal-encrusted gold-toned hoop.