Lipstick Colour: What Your Lips Say About You?

On an emotional level, your lipstick colour can dramatically affect how you feel about yourself, while on a practical level, it helps you express your feelings and send out your message to the world. Which colours make you look confident? Optimistic? Mysterious? Read and find out!

The colour of passion and love! Those who love red are bolder people. Red says you are outgoing, impulsive, powerful and ready to win!

Red and burgundy lipsticks we love:
OnColour Flirty Collection Red Blossom
The ONE Colour Stylist Ultimate Lustrous Lipstick Chic Burgundy

The colour of peace, calmness and harmony! Pink says you are approachable, easy-going and witty.

Pink and peach-pink lipsticks we love:
OnColour Flirty Collection Pink Orchid
Colour Obsession Magenta Mania

The colour of imagination and spirituality! Those who love purple are mostly into the arts. Purple says you are sensitive, creative and ready to inspire the people around you!

Purple and plum lipsticks we love:
OnColour Flirty Collection Shimmering Lily
The ONE Lip Sensation Matte Velvet Plum

The colour of positive energy! Orange lovers, your social circle describes you as happy, optimistic and easy to get along with. Orange says you are ready to take risks and party hard!

Orange, coral and peach-orange lipsticks we love:

The ONE Colour Stylist Ultimate Lipstick Coral Ideal

Nude is not a colour, it is a shade similar to your skin tone. Nude lips tell the world you are happy with your look and you are not seeking approval or validation. You go, girl!

Nudes we love:
OnColour Flirty Collection Nude Peony
Lip Sensation Matte Velvet Mellow Nude

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