Are you ready to go ALL IN?

Living without compromise. It means something a little different to everyone. But at the heart of it, it’s about staying true to yourself and living life in your own way. When you live ALL IN, you open the door to experiencing and enjoying each moment of life to the fullest. So why settle for less than you deserve… when you deserve it all!?

All or Nothing Parfum perfectly encompasses this idea with a no-rules approach that allows you to express yourself with confidence and feel unique, living a life to be remembered. More bespoke, ultra-luxe and ultimately one-of-a-kind… Just like you!



The fragrance that has it all

All of Nothing is an addictive oriental Parfum crafted with the exquisite Vanilla Surabsolute. Encased in a uniquely cool and luxurious packaging, this is the first step in your exclusive parfum experience.

We don’t compromise on quality

Vanilla is an emblematic ingredient in the oriental fragrance family. To give All our Nothing its unforgettable and exclusive scent, we composed the fragrance around Vanilla Surabsolute. Known as the most beautiful quality of vanilla in the world, and sustainably sourced from Madagascar, Vanilla Surabsolute is a richly warm and deliciously sweet gourmand note that conjures an alluring feel.



Your fragrance comes to life

All or Nothing is the first fragrance in Oriflame crafted with innovative air activated technology, to amplify the fragrance with a supremely long-lasting composition and heightened intensity. When the fragrance meets air, unique molecules and ionones are released which help prolong the top and mid notes. The result is a continuous breath of scent.


Designed with you in mind

To craft a standout premium fragrance, you need a one-of-a-kind Master Perfumer. That is why we sought out the exceptionally talented Nathalie Lorson, who is the ‘nose’ behind many of the world-renowned premium fragrances from leading fashion houses. For Oriflame, she is the creator of many beloved fragrances such as Sublime Nature and Mister Giordani. With self-expression at the heart of the All or Nothing brand, Nathalie was the perfect fit to create this unique, exclusive scent that enhances the individuality of the wearer.



As beautiful as its scent

Modern and stylish, the bottle expresses uniqueness and luxury in every detail. The contrast between black and gold captures the elegance and mystery of a woman’s nature. Black cloth-like folds on the glass surface with pleating detail highlight the fashion connection. The heavy cap was created to catch and reflect light in every way possible, representing different facets of a woman’s personality. It’s also the first fragrance from Oriflame to be housed in a premium rigid box.



Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame