Love Me Tender: Your Favourite Oriflame Lip Balm Since 1980

Since arriving on the scene in 1980, our nourishing Tender Care Protecting Balm has saved countless dry lips – so we figured that it was about time we show our favourite purse stowaway some TLC. Here are 5 reasons why Tender Care makes our hearts skip a beat!

1. Tender Care loves your lips
Are dry, painfully chapped lips spoiling all the fun? Fear not, it’s Tender Care to the rescue! Developed with beeswax and Vitamin E to nourish and protect your lips from arctic winds or blistering heat, Tender Care keeps your lips soft and moisturised in all conditions.

2. … and the rest of your body!
Tender Care is formulated with ingredients that are specifically designed to protect and hydrate your dry, rough, or cracked skin. So, go ahead and apply it to dry elbows and knees, knuckles, cuticles, noses, eyebrows and more! The world is your oyster.

3. Tender Care can give your make up a boost
In the age of 12-step beauty routines and using upwards of ten products to get that #flawless look, sometimes it’s nice to see a product that can multitask. Apply Tender Care to your cheek bones for an extra glow.

4. Tender Care loves to follow along on your adventures
It’s not hard to recognize Tender Care’s signature design, and it’s even easier for you to take the adorable little egg-shaped design with you on all of life’s escapades! Pack it in your purse or jacket for a little lip love when you’re on the go or have one ready and waiting for you on your desk at work, in your car, or by your bedside table.

5. There’s a Tender Care for everyone
With so many flavours to choose from, you can rest assured that there’s a Tender Care for every occasion – you can even match them to your outfit! From Cranberry to Rose, Cinnamon or Almond, you can rest assured that every flavour features our signature formula (unchanged since 1980) that nourishes your lips and leaves them soft and kissable. Mwah!

A toast to Tender Care, here’s to many more decades of love!