Valentine`s Day Gift Guide: How to Give the Perfect Gift?

Looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gifts for your significant others? The trick is to ask the right questions. Fear not, we are here to inspire you!

What is their passion?
If her idea of excitement is a round-the-world ticket, she'll love Born to Fly.

Who is their favourite film star?
If your partner fancies himself as a bit of Brad Pitt, he'll love NovAge Men.

What do they enjoy doing?
If she watched The Great Gatsby over and over again, she'll love Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls.

What do they need?
If he decided to grow his own organic food he'll love Love Nature face, bath and body products.

What is their style?
If she likes to be elegant whatever she is doing - even if it is just visiting the supermarket, she'll love Eclat Mon Perfume.

Is there anything they are obsessed with?
If he can do anything to prove that he is the biggest fan of FC Barcelona, he'll love Eclat Homme Sport.

Is there anything specific to the two of you?
If your favourite date activity is taking your goods to the park and setting up your picnic, you'll love Swedish Spa bath and body products.