We Tried It: Metal Wand Bristle-Free Mascara

Despite its complex-looking nature, the concept behind Giordani Gold Metal Wand Bristle-Free Mascara is actually quite simple and pretty impressive – we tried it, and we loved it.

What makes it special?
Unlike traditional mascara brushes, Giordani Gold´s Metal Wand Bristle-Free Mascara features no bristles. Instead, it has evenly spaced grooves. Thanks to these little guys, you can catch even those hidden fine corner lashes and add the pigment at each lash root. This lets you create an eye-opening tightline effect and makes your eyes seem bigger and more defined.

How does it feel?
The metal wand is made entirely from aluminium metal. That`s why by looking at this unique tool, I wouldn't know that it could coat my lashes fully. But actually, it worked like that! The bristle-free brush smoothly glided through my lashes. I could reach every single lash – even the smallest ones. More importantly, layering was so easy. So, it felt good!

What about the formula?
The Velvet Black Pigments! With a soft and silky texture, this formulation is responsible for delivering intense definition and pure black colour. I literally could feel the tiny grooves enveloping my lashes in this deep velvety black.

Any tips?
Apply the mascara as close as possible to the base and roots of the upper and lower lashes. This will help you fill the space between your lashes and have a better looking tightline effect.