Have you tried ampoules yet? Here’s everything you need to know.

As ampoules are gaining popularity on the skin care scene, we’re here to shed some light on what they are and how they can amp up your skin care routine.

What are ampoules?
Ampoules are similar to serums and often contain highly concentrated active ingredients. They are packaged in scientific-looking glass vials that aren’t just designed to make you feel like a skin care pro (even though it helps) but the small size means that the formula will be less exposed to potential degradation from light and air once you open them.

What do ampoules contain?
Ampoules often contain high concentrations of active ingredients like peptides, ceramides, retinol or vitamin C. They’re designed to be used on top of your regular skin care routine to deal with skin concerns like e.g. wrinkles and sagging skin, dull skin or hyperpigmentation.

As brands are catching on to this trend, it’s important to note that not all ampoules contain high levels of active ingredients. “With ampoules it’s important to really look at the ingredients, as ampoules can be anything from a glorified serum to a very concentrated product. It all depends on what you put in it,” explains Capucine Martin Phipps, Skin Care Expert and Senior Scientist at Oriflame.

How to use ampoules in your skin care routine
If you do have a highly concentrated ampoule on your hands, make sure to follow the instructions! As with all potent skin care ingredients doing it wrong could potentially damage your skin and leave you with redness and irritation.

Ampoules are typically not used on a daily basis but instead used for a short period of time to tackle current skin care concerns. In your skin care routine, ampoules are sometimes used instead of serums or in addition to your normal serum.

If you’re curious about trying ampoules, we recommend NovAge Proceuticals Instant Peptide Ampoules with a multi-peptide solution of 0.5%, which are designed as an intensive course to be used twice daily for a week. Peptides are building blocks of collagen and elastin that are celebrated for their anti-ageing benefits. They are known to reduce wrinkles and saggy skin, boost collagen production and protect against collagen degradation.

How to include our peptide ampoules in your skin care routine
1. Carefully open the ampoule and apply half of the content to your skin after cleansing in the morning.
2. Seal the dropper with the cap to preserve the formula during the day and then apply your eye cream, serum and moisturiser.
3. Repeat in the evening with the rest of the ampoule, and twice daily for the recommended amount of time.

Words by: Photographs by: 40880