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Arctium lappa

Many properties have been ascribed to burdock, and it’s one of the most widely used roots in alternative medicine, usually consumed as a tea, tincture or powder supplement. Burdock is a rich source of plant sugars, flavonoids, minerals, tannins and proteins, all of which work together to help soothe and condition skin in cosmetic products. Thanks to its essential oils and lipids content, the woody looking root is equally nourishing in hair and scalp products and can help to reduce sebum production and prevent dandruff.

Key Benefits

  • Burdock is exceptionally purifying and moisturising.

  • Helps to promote a clear, shine-free complexion, thanks to anti-bacterial properties.

  • In haircare, burdock helps to reduce sebum production for a clear, healthy scalp.

Burdock contains a polysaccharide compound called inulin that’s recognized for its anti-bacterial properties, and that assists in cleansing skin for a purified, shine-free complexion.

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