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Calluna vulgaris

Capable of surviving even the harshest Arctic conditions, heather has long been valued for its healing properties. Heather’s clusters of mauve-coloured flowers bloom in the late summer months and are still enjoyed as a tea in Sweden today. The resilient shrub is known for its rich profile of nourishing compounds, including flavanols, catechins, phenolic acids, phenols and triterpenes, all of which can give it skin-conditioning properties.

Key Benefits

  • Heather is nourishing and skin-conditioning, thanks to a rich profile in nourishing compounds.

  • Skin-soothing and protective.

  • Antioxidant properties thanks to heather’s content of phenolic compounds.

Calluna vulgaris is known to contain ursolic acid (a tripertene) which offers calming and soothing properties. This can help to give the skin a touch of additional comfort and balance.

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