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Magnolia officinalis

Many consider the pink magnolia to be one of the world’s most beautiful flowers, a symbol of femininity and elegance. It is the oldest flowering plant on earth, with potent properties that belie its blooms’ delicate, captivating scent and a bark extract that contains a valuable antioxidant compounds. These make magnolia highly effective in skin care, where it can help to protect skin from free radical damage and slow down skin-ageing.

Key Benefits

  • Magnolia is anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing.

  • Antioxidant compounds may help to slow down skin-ageing.

  • Skin-brightening properties.

Magnolia bark extract contains high amounts of magnolol and honokiol: two organic compounds said to be up to 1000 times more potent in antioxidants than vitamin E, helping to protect the skin from free radical damage.