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Spiraea ulmaria

Also referred to as ‘Queen of the meadow’, meadowsweet is a herbaceous plant with creamy-white flowers that grow wild throughout Sweden, often flourishing by the banks of streams and rivers. Meadowsweet is great choice for refined, clear and beautiful skin, thanks to a rich profile of skin-nourishing constituents, including lipids, minerals and flavonoids. Meadowsweet offers soothing properties to help rebalance and comfort dull or tired looking skin. The plant also possesses salicylic acid-like derivatives which offer skin-brightening and exfoliating properties.

Key Benefits

  • Skin-brightening and exfoliating.

  • Meadowsweet’s high vitamin C content helps to even out skin tone appearance.

  • Skin-protecting thanks to rich antioxidant components.

Meadowsweet’s rich antioxidant content can help to inhibit the production of enzymes involved in melanin production and help skin to look clearer and more even.

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