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Rowan berry

Rowan berry

Sorbus aucuparia

The rowan berry shrub is native to our northern hemisphere and bears orange-red berry fruits in the autumn. Rowan berries are a great ingredient in beauty products as they contain vitamin C, a well-known skin brightener which can help to reveal radiant looking skin. The rowan berry’s fruit acids content also helps to exfoliate the skin, working to minimise pores and encourage a healthy-looking complexion.

Key Benefits

  • Skin-nourishing thanks to a beneficial sugars and amino acids profile.

  • Skin-brightening, thanks to rowanberries’ vitamin C content.

  • Exfoliating, thanks to fruit acid content that can help to minimise pore appearance.

Rowan berries are known to contain beneficial constituents such as carotene, that can offer protective qualities for the skin.

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