Mum Boss: 4 Tips for Juggling a Business and Family

Whether you started your business because you want to express your passion, earn a living or leave a legacy, the experience of having your own company – as well as your own family – can be incredibly fulfilling. It can also be a challenge. So how do successful women find balance? Malti Bhojwani, Author, Coach and Facilitator of Transformation says; “It begins with shifting our mindsets and becoming aware of where our current values lie.”

1. Let Go of the Guilt. "We live in a world where expectations of women are very high; most of them self-imposed because of our upbringing, beliefs and ingrained values. You are consumed by guilt at work if you don't check your phone and respond to emails immediately. But on the flipside, you’re a bad "woman" (wife, mother, girlfriend, daughter-in-law) if you don't organise meals, make social plans and keep up with family commitments. 
Where do all of these unrealistic expectations come from? We have decided to take on more roles and fulfill more desires than our ancestors did, but we are unwilling to shed some of the old beliefs. It is not possible. Something has to give.
  The challenge is real and I don't think there is an easy answer, except to breathe, let go a little and find your own peace. Re-define what success means and re-evaluate what kind of an upbringing you want to provide your kids with. There is no right or wrong answer. Be honest with yourself about the purpose behind your decisions. Are they still valid or are you still running on residual old beliefs?

2. Control your schedule. "Motherhood, like life, needs reevaluating from time to time. What used to work for you may not be serving you now. If you find yourself unhappy with your day-to-day life, then perhaps something needs to change. It could be that you are climbing the corporate ladder but feel that you are disconnected from the place where your heart resides; or it could be the opposite. Perhaps you are raising a family but your dreams have been put on the back burner for too long?

Notice the choices that you are making hour to hour and choose them consciously. Align these with your desires and then forge ahead guiltlessly."

"When you compare yourself to others, you are comparing what’s on your inside to someone else's outside.."
3. Stop comparing."When you compare yourself to others, you are comparing what’s on your inside to someone else’s outside. It is pointless. It is easy to look at other women who appear to be more successful, slimmer, better mothers and better wives. But it isn't a "one-size fits all". Comparing your life to someone else's will only make you feel dissatisfied and incompetent, however you look at it. So just don't do it.
4. Be OK with your choices. "Accept that every choice has consequences. Every "Yes" to one thing is a "No" to something else. Spend time with yourself to assess what you want toleave behind. This is one of the best ways I know to decide how to make those hard daily choices. Trust that you are doing the best you can based on your resources and your current desires. Then, when you make these big decisions and these daily choices, be okay with them, knowing in every moment that you are indeed doing the best you can." 

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