Best long lasting fragrances for men

Find Your Signature Scent: 6 Best Fragrances for Men

Some wear the same fragrance for a long time, while others swap from day to day. Whether you are looking to spice things up with a new signature scent or just buy something for a special occasion – we have fragrances for everyone. Keep on reading to find the perfect match for you!

Giordani Gold Eau de Parfum
Looking for a timeless and powerful scent? Then this might be the one of you. Giordani Gold is an elegant, masculine fragrance crafted with refreshing citrus and woody notes of Vetiver. The hero note in this scent is Vetiver from Haiti. It exudes an earthy scent with a smoky character that lingers. It smells truly delicious!

Signature Generation Eau de Toilette
If you love a good citrus scent, you need to smell the Signature Generation fragrance. Two generations of perfumers got together to create this sophisticated scent where earthy Vetiver and bright Orris roots melt together. It’s a combination that you don’t want to miss.


Nordic Waters Eau de Parfum
Fancy a refreshing spritz? Get your hands on the Nordic Waters fragrance. It’s crafted with an exclusive Nordic Waters accord created around the Cascalone molecule, which leaves you with the feeling of crisp cool water on warm skin. This scent will be a great addition to your fragrance wardrobe!

Glacier Air Eau de Toilette
Grapefruit, spicy pepper mint and violet leaf – does this sound like the perfect combination to you? You’ll find it in the Glacier Air fragrance. It’s a powerful scent inspired by the invigoration of breathing in fresh, crisp air from the greatest of heights.


Ascendant Eau de Toilette
Be extra spicy with the Ascendant fragrance. Aromatic cardamon and zesty bergamot blends together with soft vanilla to create an irresistible scent. Spritz it on to feel the power!

So Fever Eau de Toilette
It’s all about that spice! So Fever contains fiery piri piri pimento and ginger wood. Together these ingredients create a bold and intense fragrance that you can never get enough of!