3 Eye Makeup Looks for Above the Mask

As many of us need to wear a mask when we are out and about, eye makeup is having something of a renaissance. Use what you’ve got, right? Here are 3 makeup looks to show you can still be a makeup queen even when wearing a mask or face covering.

Go Bold: Nail A Graphic Eyeliner Look for Above the Mask Makeup
Use those hours you gained from losing the commute to practice your graphic eye. Whether you are going classic with a cat flick, or want to try out a bold graphic line, here are some eyeliner tips to make those lines go on a little easier. Use primer. It’s all about the base, and an eyeshadow primer can make all the difference when precision is key. If you have more discolouration on your lids you can add a bit of concealer on top. The simplest way to a great cat flick is to outline and then fill. Decide where you want the outline and sketch it in with a fine brush. It’s a lot easier to wipe off and re-do if you start small and add on to the shape. Pro tip: Use an angled eyeliner brush for best results.

Go Bright: Use Bold Colour for A Fresh Eye Makeup Look
Single shade eyshadow looks in bright colours are trending, and they really brighten your makeup look when wearing a mask. Colour is the perfect way to add some brightness to your day and you get big payoff for little effort, perfect for these low key days. Choose an intense shade, top with big lashes, and you are all set.

We love the deep blue look. Start with an THE ONE Eyeshadow Stick in Mystic Blue along the top lash line and then fill out across the lid. Blend carefully at the edges. Top with THE ONE Wet and Dry Eyeshadow in a similar shade to set and give you long lasting wear. Finish with a bold mascara like THE ONE Wonder Lash for perfect above the maks eye makeup. The great thing about this look as it is equally rewarding on a video call.

Pro Tip: Bright colours are so on trend right now: lilacs, blues and greens. Go for the most intense colour that excites you.

Go Nude: Choose a Complimentary Shade for a Stunning Enhanced Nude Eye Makeup Look
Try choosing a complimentary shade to your eye colour for an enhanced nude look for a subtle above the mask eye makeup look. Blue eyes look great with a dark beige, while brown eyes suit a muted green. Green eyes can be enhanced using a subtle purple. Blend the eyeshadow over your whole lid and the crease, then use a lighter shade to highlight the brow bone. Make sure to fill in your brows for a defined eye makeup look.

Pro tip:Use a lighter shimmery shade in the middle of the eyelid to enhance the size of your eyes.

So there you have it. Just because you need to wear a mask doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the wonders of makeup. In fact it can be an opportunity to experiment with a whole new look you never thought you’d try!