Watch Out Beyonce! Here’s How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger, According To International Makeup Artists

Few of us are born with the kind of almond-shaped eyes celebs like Beyonce and Angelina Jolie are #blessed with, but thanks to make-up anything is possible! So, if you’re curious about how to make your eyes look bigger, then check out this 5-step guide!

Our eyes are arguably what we spend the most time on when applying makeup – after all, they’re the window to your soul as the all too cliché Shakespeare saying goes. But while you might not apply full cat eye makeup every day of the week, bringing more attention to your eyes is something you can do without looking like you just stepped off the runway (although we’re not saying no to that, either…)

These eye makeup tricks and tips not only can make your eyes look bigger but also can give the illusion of an eyelift with a few simple tweaks (no surgery required!) All it takes is a little bit of patience and some simple tricks from makeup industry insiders – the people who make celebs and catwalk models look oh-so-glam all the time. We got their insider info - follow along and you’ll have the doe-eyes of your dreams in no time.

Building depth will maximise the size of your eyes – it’s a trick that Angelina Jolie uses a lot. Apply a neutral coloured eyeshadow to your whole lid and up to your brows. Then use a large eyeshadow brush to apply a dark colour (the contour colour) to the outer corner of your eye, working the colour into the crease.

“Adding a contour to the eyes using a soft liner or shadow, in a slightly darker shade than your skin tone, can give them more dimension and the illusion of bigger eyes,” London-based makeup artist duo Pamela and Andrea agree.

How to nail the look? “Look straight into the mirror and add your contour shade on top of the base, where the crease naturally sits, and buff out with a fluffy brush until blended,” say the duo, whose work is regularly featured in magazines, bridal catwalks and fashion shoots.

Pro tip? “Adding a soft liner or sweep of shadow just along the lower lashes will also give an amazing widening effect,” they suggest.

Choose a light eyeliner (white or light pink) and apply it along your waterline. The light colour isn’t only for masking potential redness – it will also brighten the whites of your eyes, making them look bigger. ”Avoid using any dark liners in the waterline as this will have the opposite effect,” warn Pamela and Andrea. After you’ve applied the eyeliner to your waterline, you can go one step further by adding highlighter (yes, usually reserved for your cheekbones) to the inner eye. “Instantly widen and brighten the eyes by adding a pop of highlighter to the inner corner of the eye,” reveal our experts.

Put simply, long lashes = bigger-looking eyes. So take out your trusted eyelash curler and put it to work.


”Curling your eyelashes will lift and widen your eyes instantly,” say Pamela and Andrea. “Give your lashes 3 firm squeezes on the eyelash curlers before mascara and you will have dramatically improved your volume and length. If you have naturally straight lashes using a waterproof mascara will keep them curled for longer.”

Want an even more vava voom look? Go for some false lashes. “Adding a couple of individual lashes to the outer corners will give you a super natural wide-eyed look.” While applying them successfully can take some practice, our experts have a pro trick: cut a strip of lashes in half giving you two smaller corner lashes; apply these on the outer corners of each eye.

For the final touch, use a volumising mascara instead of a lengthening one to blend everything together. Apply it in three steps: start at the inner corner of your eye, then apply to the middle (pushing upwards) and lastly at the outer corner. Here, you’ll want to angle your mascara brush sideways and drag away from your face. This technique will create a fan like effect, giving the illusion of fuller lashes and larger eyes. We personally love something volumising like our THE ONE Double Effect mascara.

Brows act as a frame for the eyes and when shaped correctly can give the eyes a natural lift. ”Use a brow soap (or conditioning gel) to subtly brush up your brows, giving you a mini eyelift that will stay in place all day,” say Pamela and Andrea.

Finish with your favourite brow pencil or powder to fill in any gaps or darken the colour.