5 Common Food Ingredients That Make Great Skin Care

Flawless, healthy-looking skin starts with the right skin nutrition. While a wholesome diet is important to our health and beauty, our skin care routine shouldn’t be underestimated. Like topical vitamins and minerals, learn how common food ingredients can add nutritional value when applied directly to your skin!

When it comes to wellness, our dietary nutrition already plays a familiar role. We know what we eat impacts our health and beauty from the inside out. And when we’re deficient in certain nutrients, it shows. Well, these same principles apply to our skin nutrition. Like a nourishing loop, the more goodness you put in, the better results you’ll get out! When it comes to healthy looking skin, look for products packed with wholesome nutrients (see below). And layer on their goodness!

Food For Thought
Are you meeting your skin’s “nutritional needs”? It can be said that many food ingredients make great skin care. As we spend more time indoors and online, we’re seeing a surge in searches: Google confirms, at-home remedies and DIY skin care recipes are on the rise. So, we’ve created a helpful list. Here’s the scoop on some common kitchen ingredients that forge a case in skin care – and the skin-loving benefits they behold:

Oats: Vitamins B3 & B5
The breakfast choice of champions and beloved grain of beauty mavens alike, oats are renowned for their health benefits. Each tiny morsel is rich in lipids, proteins, vitamin E, beta-glucans, vitamins B3 and B5 - and offers skin-conditioning nutrients that help to protect, soothe and moisturise skin.
Ideal ingredient: for dry, tight, uncomfortable, flaky skin

Rosehip: Omega-3 & Omega-6 Fatty Acids
Rosehip oil exceeds the boundaries of your teabag, going from a tasty brew to a well sought-after skincare ingredient. With high amounts of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, this incredibly nourishing ingredient makes a keen contribution to any night cream.
Ideal ingredient: for helping to restore and replenish the skin barrier

Cherries: AHAs
Aside from being one of our favourite summer snacks, when used in skin care, Sweet Cherry can be a spot-fading superhero. It’s a natural source of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and is known to increase cell turnover for more radiant, . Plus, cherries contain vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant with skin-brightening abilities. Now, isn’t that just the cherry on top?
Ideal ingredient: for targeting hyperpigmentation like dark spots or smoothing tone and texture

Berries: Vitamin C & Antioxidants
Juicy and sweet, berries are well-known superfoods simply bursting with goodness! The natural sugars in berries act as magnets, helping your skin to hold on to moisture. Plus, blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries (in particular) are notably rich in vitamin C and contain high levels of antioxidant phenols and flavonoids.
Ideal ingredient: for boosting skin radiance and locking in moisture

Sweet Chestnut: Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants
This one might be most common across Europe, around the holidays, roasting over open fires. So, probably not common in all kitchens, but with its diverse nutritional profile, we couldn’t keep this potent nut off the list! Sweet Chestnut is brimming with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. And is host to such nutrients as flavonoids and tannins, so when it comes to skin care products, it delivers toning and astringent properties that help our skin to feel super fresh and clean.
Ideal ingredient: for cleansing and refreshing

Optimal Tip, before you attempt kitchen-beauty…
With a growing trend towards at-home skincare remedies, experts warn us with caution. Some household ingredients can be harsh on the skin, and even compromise its natural, protective barrier, doing more harm than good. Before creating your own natural skin regime, keep in mind that skincare scientists build their careers researching and developing products. Their profession is to ensure formulations pass rigorous testing standards before they ever reach shelves. Thank you, scientists! Skin care safely, readers.