How to Blend Eye Shadows Like A Pro

Black is always a good idea and nudes are our most reliable friends, but the colourful world of mixing and blending has so much more to offer, so why not go for a palette? Learn how to blend like a pro, instead of using the same three colours again and again!

1. Primer is a Must-Have
Primers create a flawless-looking canvas for eye shadows and prolong the vibrant look of your eye make-up. It is the perfect base for blending.

Choose a primer that hides imperfections on your eyelids and gives a matte texture and smooth finish. If you haven’t found “the one” yet, why not try our new The ONE Eye Shadow Primer?

2. The More the Merrier
When it comes to eyeshadows, it’s always good to have at least 4 colours for blending: one dark, one medium, one light and one shimmering shade.

Find your perfect combos and mix and match shades for eyes, face and cheeks. Play with matte and pearl shades to get a modern and more personalised look. Don’t miss our new The ONE Make-up Pro Compact!

3. Precision is the Key to Perfection
Use shimmering textures on your eyelids and brow bone, and save matte shades for your crease. Apply the darker shade with a wiper-like motion to the lid’s outer “V” corner and along the contour above your lid’s crease. Blend gently. You can use a clean, fluffy brush to soften the edges.

Here we used Roasted Coffee Matte on the lid’s outer “V” corner and then rubbed our brush into Raw Copper Shimmer to intensify the pigment before blending the two shades. At the inner corner of the eye, we used Honey Blush Shimmer and Dusty Rose Shimmer and brushed the shades up towards the brow and along the brow bone.

4. Beauty is in the Details
Light, shimmering shades at the center of your eyelid and inner corner of your eye give you an 8-hours-of-sleep look and a brow-lift illusion.

We applied Crisp Silver Shimmer underneath the brows and used Pure White Shimmer on the inner corners of the eyes with a small brush.

Mix, match, fill and renew your palette––then blend like a pro and you are good to go!

Words by: Photographs by: Andreas Öhlund