What is a good skin care routine - Step by step skin care routine

Get Amazing Skin with Our Easy Step to Step Routine

What is a good skincare routine, you might ask? Unlock the secrets of healthy and glowing skin with a step-by-step skin care routine. Shop with Oriflame Cosmetics today!

Every step in the routine prepares the skin optimally for the next, which is why it is key to start off your routine properly – and the way to do that is with a good cleanser and toner.

Why cleanse?
To cleanse your skin is essential for your routine to remove impurities, oil and other unwanted debris as well as help the skin maintain a proper level of hydration.

Why tone?
The toner is a natural part of the cleansing step and key to prepare your skin for what is to come. It lowers your skins pH level, calms the skin and makes sure it is ready to absorb the creams and serums that will follow.

Don’t cheat your skin on a good start; it’s the first step towards great skin!

2. STEP 2 – EYES
Pay extra attention to the skin around your eyes if you don’t want it to prematurely unveil your age, is where the first signs of ageing are most likely to appear.

Why eye cream?
The skin around your eyes is very delicate, which makes it more susceptible to irritation, hence the importance of using a cream specifically for the eye area and not your regular day or night cream.

Here is the step where you add your serums or essences to do exactly as the heading implies – boost!

Why serums?
The products will efficiently penetrate the skin and deliver powerful technologies even deeper in the skin to really boost the effect of your day and night cream.

In the last step you add moisture in form of a day or night cream.

Why day cream?
Your day cream provides hydration throughout the day and it also serves as your ultimate defender towards environmental stresses, damaging sun and pollution. That is why day creams are generally formulated with protecting actives.

Why night cream?
Night Creams provide your skin with extra nourishment. Just like you are resting and recovering during the night to get ready for the next day, so does your skin, therefor important to help optimize the skins natural renewal process by using a night cream.

Invest in a skin care routine today and turn those bad skin days in to good ones and the glow will show!

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