Zoom-Worthy Lipstick That Will Catch Everyone’s Attention

Our makeup routines may have fallen by the wayside this year as working from home became the new normal, but research says it’s still more important than ever to put your best face (and especially – lips!) forward. Here’s why!

As we adapt to a world of working from home and virtual meetings, trends show that a natural look - with not much more than a swipe of mascara - is favoured over a full-face of make-up. We get it! Why put on makeup when you’re only seeing people through a screen?

Turns out, there’s a very good reason! Not only is the positive impact of wearing make-up well documented, recognised to increase confidence and boost mood, but it also serves as a great tool for grabbing attention. Using eye tracking technology, Oriflame found that wearing makeup leads to increased visual attention from an audience during virtual meetings – and wearing lipstick was especially effective.

So, if you want to make a slam-dunk (virtual) impression, grab your favourite lipstick and click ‘Join Meeting’ now!

Giordani Gold Iconic Metallic Matte & Giordani Gold Lipstick Iconic Lipsticks
Nude shades are great if you’re new to wearing lipstick and want to start with something more subtle, especially when paired with subtle foundation and barely-there eye makeup. But how do you know which nude to go for? ”The general rule of thumb is, if your skin is light go for a paler cooler nude, and if your skin is warmer go for a richer warmer nude,” says London based celebrity makeup artist Athena Efstathiou, who has worked with English singer and songwriter Pixie Lott.

The ONE Colour Unlimited Lipstick
If you’re comfortable with reds, there’s no better choice for catching – and holding – attention, says Global Makeup Artist Joy Adenuga.

Efstathiou agrees: “The ONE ’Resolute Red’ is great to really stand out and grab attention! Great if youre doing a pitch.”

OnColour Red Kiss Collection Lipstick
Darker skin that veers on the warmer or olive side are better suited for blue-based reds (these are cooler tones, with less orange). “Red is always my first choice, especially a blue-based red lipstick,” says Adenuga. “It gives the illusion of whiter teeth as well, perfect if you are the (meeting) host.”

We love The ONE Colour Unlimited Lipstick in ‘Fire Maroon’. As Adenuga says, “I would recommend a matte formula, as it’s less likely to stain your teeth when talking.”

The ONE Lip Sensation Matte Velvet Lipstick
Why not change it up with a liquid lipstick! The ONE Lip Sensation Matte Velvet is specially designed to create a lightweight, silky matte finish while helping your lips feel and stay supple. Go super luxe with our velvety ‘Brown Clove’.

The ONE Colour Stylist Ultimate Lipstick
Finally, you can’t go wrong with The ONE Colour Stylist Ultimate Lipstick, with 5-in-1 benefits featuring saturated colour coverage, rich texture, and a creamy finish. If you’re feeling the need to boost your confidence and put a zing into your day, try infusing your virtual meetings with some extra energy by wearing ‘Cranberry Crush’ – you got this girl!