3 ways to get more attention for a boost of confidence

When you feel most confident, you are seen as more attractive to those around you. Sometimes a simple change in your makeup routine, an addition to your wardrobe or a new fragrance is all you need for a boost of confidence!

Who doesn’t love the feeling of a little extra attention? Here are three tried and tested ways to make sure you attract more looks wherever you go. And, we even have a tip for how to stand out during a zoom call for those still working from home!

High Shine Lips that are Proven to Get More Attention
THE ONE Irresistible Touch High Shine Lipstick gives you a stunning, high shine lip look that is clinically proven to get the attention of those around you. What’s more, this attraction effect goes beyond IRL – it’s also proven to work on screen. When we tested this lipstick on a panel of volunteers, this was some of the unprompted feedback we received.

“It made me feel attractive and beautiful!”

“Full coverage from first touch, gorgeous shine and colour, stays long on the lips and makes the whole look more attractive!”

THE ONE Irresistible Touch High Shine Lipstick that will make you feel like a million dollars, and don’t we all need to remember how that feels? Long lasting and with incredible shine and deep pigmentation, this is a lip look that will really get people staring.

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Wear the Metallic Trend to Feel more Confident
The most attention-grabbing trend seen on this season’s runways is metallics. Whether you opt for silver leather, full on chainmail as seen at Paco Rabanne autumn/winter 2020, or even a stylish twist on athleisure with metallic cotton sweatpants from Karl Lagerfeld (instantly transforming an athleisure staple into a must-have), a metallic addition to your wardrobe is just the thing to bring a bit of joy to your outfit. Not to mention all the extra glances you’ll surely get!

And your new shiny favourites don’t need to be saved just for nights out. Pair a metallic skirt with a neutral t-shirt, or add a metallic shoe to any outfit to add a bit of daytime sass.

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Use a Secret Fragrance Weapon to Attract
If you like to be centre of attention, then why leave anything to chance? You want a secret weapon that helps you to attract. Magnetista Eau de Parfum is the first ever fragrance that is scientifically proven to make men feel more attracted to women.

Using ingredients well known for their stimulating properties, perfumers Emelie Coppermann and Alienor Massenet created a modern and captivating scent around the Passion Flower Accord – an ingredient that increases the power of attraction because it contains Chrysin, a testosterone boosting plant compound.

To confirm the fragrance’s attraction effects, the perfumers collaborated with neuroscientists to test the effects of Magnetista. The tests were conducted in three stages – evaluating emotional responses, brain activity and eye tracking. The combined testing results were positive, showing Magnetista to trigger emotions, make an impact and increase your attraction power.

So going out or staying in…who cares? It’s time to dial up the volume on your favourite song and enjoy that new lipstick, a metallic eye-catching piece of clothing and a new fragrance. All proven to up your attraction game.