Get the Look: 5 Steps to Purple Perfection

A look all based around the colour purple is both sophisticated and fun. It also works both for day and nighttime and is a versatile and slightly edgy makeup. Try it out with our detailed step-by-step guide.


Step 1
Are you ready for a great purple look? First, use an eye pencil to draw a line following the upper lash line. We’re using the OnColour Perfect Duo Eye Pencil in purple and lilac – the purple side works best for this look as we are looking for intensity. Make sure to draw the line slightly outside the outer corner of the eye and give it a wing tip – it doesn’t have to be super sharp!

Step 2
Next, take the OnColour All Eyes Palette and apply the pink eyeshadow all over the eyelid. Go a bit above the crease but not all the way up to the eyebrow. Continue with the All Eyes Palette and use the white eyeshadow as a highlight just below your eyebrow. Blend it well with the pink using the brush tip, you want smooth transitions between the colours. Use your fingertips or a clean Precision Blending Brush until you can’t see any sharp edges.


Step 3
Now take the purple eyeshadow and apply it carefully on the lower lash line with the sponge tip to get that full purple effect. A pro tip here is to highlight the inner corner with a little bit of white eyeshadow as this really brightens the whole eye!


Step 4
Time to open up the eyes! Use the OnColour Big Lash Mascara in black to lift the upper and the lower lashes. This mascara is volume-enhancing and you will see a big difference how intense the whole look becomes.


Step 5
For the final touch, we have something that will really make your face pop. The OnColour Cream Lipstick in wine burgundy gives your lips a rich, deep nuance that plays well against the fresh and light eye makeup. Purple perfection indeed!


What does your purple eye make-up look like? Tag us on social media with #getOnColour so we can see your best purple look!