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Cocos nucifera

Sweet-smelling coconut oil is a beauty superstar, both in its pure form and as a cosmetic ingredient. The oil extracted from the coconut fruit’s kernel has been used in cooking, healing and skin care for centuries, and is more popular than ever today. Intensely moisturising and protective, coconut oil epitomises multi-tasking beauty and is a fantastic hair conditioner and skin softener. And for those of us who live in colder climes like Sweden, coconut oil is an indispensable skin-saver in wintertime.

Key Benefits

  • High in essential fatty acids that moisturise and nourish.

  • Coconut oil helps skin feel soft, supple and conditioned.

  • Supports the maintenance of a healthy skin barrier.

Coconut oil is particularly rich in vitamin E which has an antioxidant effect, helping to protect skin from harmful free radicals.

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