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NovAge Samples Service

To request a NovAge skincare sample wallet to be sent directly to a customer or prospect, Brand Partners can simply log on to their account online and order it through Home – Dashboard - Order – Order Your Samples – NovAge Samples Service:


The form is very easy to complete. It requires details of both Brand Partner and a prospect. It is however important to fill the details correctly as they will be used to create personalized letter to a prospect.

The sample envelope will be sent to chosen prospect and should be delivered within 5 working days. The charge for a single envelope is £2.49 and that includes personalized letter as well as postage!

On a day the sample is sent Brand Partner will receive e-mail confirmation so they can follow up within few days and check how their prosects is finding the skin care and hopefully turn prospect into a new loyal customer.


After the end of each campaign Brand Partner will get invoiced for the samples their requested through NovAge Samples Service and the email confirmation will be sent to them to advise of the amount owed including the list of prospects the samples have been set to.


Note: NovAge Sample Service should be used to order samples for prospects only. If Brand Partner wishes to orders NovAge envelopes online, they are welcome to add them to their personal order (through usual ordering process).