Makeup Artists Reveal The 6 Mascara Tricks You Need To Know

Mascara - the makeup staple of most women - seems simple enough. But when we spoke to our favourite makeup professionals they all agreed on 6 tricks that can instantly up your mascara-game – here’s what you need to know!

There’s no better time than the present to invest some time into learning tricks of the (mascara) trade – after all, above-the-mask makeup is all some of us have got! From how to make your eyes look bigger to how to get your mascara to last all day, makeup artists reveal all the tricks you’ll ever need.

1. Avoid Mascara Smudges With Powder
One of the most common problems with mascara application is smudging. To avoid this, Global Makeup Artist Joy Adenuga suggests blotting around your eyes first with powder. “Apply a loose transparent powder around your eye area before you start on your lashes – followed by a setting spray (which fixes makeup in place). If you’re applying eyeshadow, make sure to prime the lids as this will also help prevent mascara smudging!”
The powder will also make it easier to brush off any mascara flecks that fall onto your skin during the day.

2. Waterproof Mascara Is Your Secret Weapon
Curled lashes give the illusion of more volume – without lash extensions or false lashes!
Start by using your eyelash curler at the root of your lashes, then press at the middle, and finally finish at the ends. This will give your lashes the fan-like finish you’re looking for. But how to hold the curl all day long, you ask?

”A little tip for after curling? Waterproof mascaras are great to hold the curl in naturally straight lashes!,” says London based celebrity makeup artist Athena Efstathiou.

3. More Isn’t Always Better
It’s natural to think using more mascara – versus less - will help to emphasise our eyes. But sometimes less is more!

Of course, always apply mascara to your upper lashes – but sometimes it’s best to leave your lower lashes alone. ”It’s best to do your top eyelashes first, and sometimes this is enough for an open-eye effect,” suggests Adenuga. “Always use less mascara on the bottom lashes as the heaviness of the mascara can pull the face downwards.”

Doll-eyes is another highly sought-after look that’s not very hard to achieve. Also called ’spider lashes’, this look features super-thick lashes pinched together into points. Get it by applying lots of mascara and then use tweezers to press a few lashes together.

“Start from the inner lashes and work your way out, this way you'll avoid smudging what you've already done,” says Adenuga.

Find it hard to access the inner corners of your eyes? Then this trick is for you! Gently bend the tip of the wand (where the brush is) in a 90° angle from the handle, and the wand will be much easier to control. However, once it’s bent you might not be able to straighten it out again, so keep that in mind before trying!

6. APPLY MASCARA From The Roots
Always apply mascara from the roots upwards. Then finish off the look by giving your outer corners some extra attention. “Brush up from the root to get the most volume and length,” says Efstathiou.

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