Ask the expert: How do I create a glowing makeup look that last all day?

Want to perfect the glowing makeup look? There are different ways to go, depending on your skin type. We’ve asked the London-based makeup artist duo Pamela & Andrea to share their best tips.

”It’s so important that the skin is properly prepped before applying any makeup. By doing a good prep you’ll help the makeup stay longer on the skin and even out the complexion. However, we all have different skin types that we need to consider when we are creating a glowy look. Keep reading to find out how to adapt the look to suit your skin”, Pamela & Andrea explains.

Step 1. Skin care
For oily or combination skin: “A toner spray is a great way to start as it calms the skin and balances oil. We would then add a lightweight moisturiser around the outside of the face (jaw, temples and cheekbones) avoiding the areas that naturally get oily through the center. Give that a few minutes to sink in and then add a mattifying pore minimising primer down the center of your face.”

For dry skin: “A gentle exfoliator is a great way to start, this will get rid of any dead skin cells and let the following products really penetrate the skin. We would use a hyaluronic acid infused sheet mask to give a deep hydration boost and then add a rich moisturiser.”

Step 2. Highlighting
For oily or combination skin: “After applying your mattifying primer down the t -zone, or any other oily areas, the next step would be to apply a liquid highlighter to any points of the face that you would like to glow. This could for example be the cheekbones, brow bones, temples, and nose.”

For dry skin: ”A great tip is to mix a drop of liquid highlighter with your moisturiser for an added glowey boost. If you’re really dry you can apply highlighter lightly to the whole face on top of your moisturiser, before adding foundation.”


Step 3. Base Makeup
For all skin types: ”No matter your skin type, we prefer to use some powder when creating a glowing makeup look. We love creams and liquid products as they blend more seamlessly together and boost the gloweyness of the products underneath, rather than dulling them down.”

”Next step for all skin types is adding some coverage to even out the skin tone. Apply a small amount of your favourite foundation by using your fingers – only apply it on the areas that need it, not on the whole face. Using your fingers really warms up the products and helps blend the makeup more seamlessly into the skin.”

”It’s then time to use a small brush and your concealer of choice. Add coverage only to the areas that need it, for example on a more blemish prone area or a spot of redness that the foundation didn't cover. Use your finger to lightly blend in the product, in order to achieve an even finish.”

Step 4. Add colour and definition
For all skin types: ”We like to use a cream bronzer with a dense but soft brush. With the lightest touch, tap the product onto the temples, cheekbones and jawline. This warms up the face and gives it dimension.”

”With the same tapping technique apply your cream or liquid blush to your desired area. For rounder faces we like to apply blush on the cheekbones for a more lifted effect, and if you have a more angular face with strong cheekbones, we prefer to add blush to the apples of the cheeks.”


Step 5. Finishing touches
“To finish off the glowy look, and to keep it lasting all day, we like to add a small amount of translucent powder on any areas we don't want to glow. For oily skins this would be down the t-zone and around the nose. For the final step we would then apply a setting spray. However, for dryer skins, we would skip the powder step and go straight to the setting spray.”

That’s it guys, you’re done! Your glowing makeup look is ready and set to last all day long.