The best men’s fragrances to suit every style

Published: 23/01/2024 | Author: Claire Allanson

What’s the best men’s fragrance? Well, that depends on the man. There are millions of different scent combinations, from classic woody perfumes to refreshing citrus notes – even trendy floral twists that arouse intrigue. It can make mastering the art of which fragrance to wear (or gift!) quite a daunting task. That’s where we come in: with a carefully curated guide of different perfumes to suit every style, meet the killer scents worthy of a place in every man’s fragrance arsenal.

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Best for: the bold leader

Possess Absolute Man Eau de Parfum

Like a bespoke tailored suit or a slick hat, a bold fragrance has the power to make an epic impression. Perfect for men wanting to get noticed, an Eau de Parfum fragrance intensity leaves a lasting impact – and Possess Absolute Man ticks all the boxes.
Crafted for the assertive man, spicy explosions of fresh Black Pepper fuse with warm Cinnamon and rich Sandalwood in this dynamic woody scent. Perfumer Pierre Guéros believes that a fragrance must inspire the man who wears it, and Possess Absolute Man undeniably fuels your heroic power and determination, so you’re ready to soar.

Best for: the modern gentleman

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Debonair Gentlewoods Eau de Toilette

It’s a new era of fragrance for men. Like Perfumer Benoist Lapouza says, “It’s an interesting time to be a man right now.” Gen-Z and millennials are pioneering this transformative shift in culture. We like to call it the new bloom of masculinity – because finally more and more men are starting to wear florals.
Paying homage to the great charisma and multifaceted nature of today’s contemporary man, Debonair Gentlewoods Eau de Toilette throws away the rulebook – and encourages men to experiment with fragrance. Brimming with charisma and a confident character, masculine woody notes of Nordic Silver Birch meet an unexpectedly daring Thorny Rose in a trending floral-led twist – destined to intrigue, much like today’s modern gentleman. And the versatility of Eau de Toilettes makes this scent as inviting for a sensual date night, as it is for every day.

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Best for: the ambitious entrepreneur

Greater Eau de Toilette for him

There’s no denying that scent has the power to influence how you feel – so for the ambitious entrepreneurs amongst us, wearing a fragrance that literally motivates you to reach new heights is a no-brainer. Greater Eau de Toilette for him is powered by AuraScent technology: proven by neuroscience to awaken positive emotions, an evolving fusion of energising Pineapple, uplifting Geranium and bold Guaiac helps you feel energised and uplifted throughout the day.
Perfumer Julien Plos wanted to create a bold woody fragrance that inspires confidence in the man wearing it: “At the heart of the fragrance, I created a clean-cut feel with cooling aromatic notes, such as geranium. This gives the fragrance an edge of sharp confidence. It makes you feel confident, yet also comfortable and reassured.”

Best for: the proud father

Signature Generation for him Eau de Toilette

When you’re a father, a signature scent actually takes on a whole new level of meaning – for your children, it becomes a part of who you are. The values you stand for. Always there, in every moment, your fragrance will subconsciously be the inspiring scent they associate with their forever hero.
So when it comes to picking the perfect fragrance for Dads, you want to find the scent equivalent of ambient music. It’s always there doing its thing in the background, but it’s not too loud or overpowering, nor is it silent. You can’t go wrong with Signature Generation for him Eau de Toilette l. Dubbed the new modern classic, this timeless masculine scent has a comforting, reassuring feel: a strong bond of Vetiver and Orris roots bring an unwavering depth, while bright citrus notes and Pink Pepper infuse the classic scent with a lightness.

Best for: the urban explorer

Venture Unlimited Eau de Toilette

Sometimes, the ideal masculine scent is one that makes you feel ultra-refreshed and invigorated to explore the day ahead. For those seeking that shower-fresh vibe, citrusy and aromatic Eau de Toilettes offer a lighter scent experience. They’re the ones you can wear day-in, day-out – and they’re always a hit with young urbanites.
“I was inspired by free runners in the city and wanted to create a fragrance that echoes their lifestyle,” says Perfumer Suzy Le Helley of Venture Unlimited Eau de Toilette . With citrusy-green top notes giving that energising freshness, coupled with clear, dry and strong raw materials that reflect city life, this scent sparks a different kick of energy.
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Gentlewoods Eau de Toilette

Gentlewoods Eau de Toilette



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