Match Your Lipstick Shade With Your Valentine’s Vibe

Published: 27/11/2022 | Author: Andrea Simons

Embody the woman you want to be by matching your lipstick shade with the energy you want to give off on this romantic eve. Whether you’re going for hot, cute or classy, we’ve got the ultimate shade to complete your look!

Valentine’s day is around the corner and whether you’ve planned a girls night out or have a reservation at your favourite romantic restaurant, we know you want to look your best. That’s why we’ve picked out some gorgeous lipstick shades of our new THE ONE Smart Sync Lipstick to complete your Valentine’s look, and we hope it’s love at first swipe!
As women there are many different archetypes we can embody, and it’s fun to switch it up and step into a new style or energy. For example, if you usually look cute and girly, wearing a new classy or sexy look can feel very playful and exciting. We know that the people around you (and hopefully that special someone) are going to notice!
Find the right shade for your Valentine’s vibe!


Hot: Smart Red

A vibrant, red-hot colour for the flirtatious seductress. Step into your siren with a shade that makes you feel like the bombshell you are. The men will want you; the women will want to be you.

Cute: Pinkish Mauve

Embrace your cute girl vibe with this natural, less-is-more pinkish shade that radiates a youthful, girly energy. Combined with an all-pink outfit, (maybe hot pink Barbiecore?) this vibe is perfect for Galentine’s.


Sensual: Burnt Sienna

This shade feels mature, natural and sensual. Imagine slipping into a silk nightgown, candles lit, the scent of your favourite sensual fragrance and Burnt Sienna lipstick. It’s a vibe.

Feminine: Delicate Rose

We believe that femininity comes in many shapes and forms, but if you or your man are a fan of floral dresses, ruffles and the girl-next-door kind of vibe, this shade is for you.

Classy: Cherry Plum

Whether the polished look is your everyday go-to or you’re exploring something new, you can’t go wrong with a classy plum shade. Outfit inspo? Think Chanel, elegant and royal vibes.

Cool: Double Espresso

For a cool girl vibe, you want something that makes him do a double take; a shade that makes him both intimidated and intrigued. Something out of the ordinary. We think there’s no better shade for this than a deep chocolatey hue that oozes 90’s cool.
Which one would you pick? Whatever your vibe is, we know your lips will be extra kissable during the day of love.
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