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Shining on suncare: Your ultimate guide to sun protection

Published: 19/03/2024 | Author: Valeria Solonari

Do you sometimes overlook sun protection in your daily routine? You’re not the only one. The changing climate and air pollution can speed up skin ageing, causing hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and collagen loss. With our range of suncare essentials, including sunscreens, SPF moisturisers, and SPF-infused makeup, you can stay shielded all year long!

Exploring suncare essentials

As we gear up for the summer months, the importance of suncare cannot be overstated. Given the growing awareness of the harmful effects of UV rays, it's essential to find the right products tailored to your needs. Whether you prefer lightweight formulas for everyday wear or more intensive protection for extended sun exposure, there's something here for everyone to bask in the sun responsibly.


Body sunscreens

For targeted sun protection, consider our Sun Zone Cream Sensitive SPF 50+. This potent formula, enriched with nourishing oils, not only shields your skin from UV rays but also deeply moisturises, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. On the go? Reach for our Sun Zone Dry Mist SPF 50 – a convenient spray-on solution that provides broad-spectrum coverage while being water-resistant, perfect for outdoor activities and beach days.


Face sunscreens

Our facial sunscreens offer dual-action protection against major external aggressors like UVA, UVB, pollution, and free radicals.Novage+ Proceuticals Day Shield SPF 50 provides a lightweight, anti-ageing formula that primes and protects, leaving all skin types (including sensitive!) soft and radiant. Similarly, Optimals Multi-Protection UV Day Shield SPF 50 is a versatile daily defense fluid that absorbs quickly and works seamlessly under makeup. There’s no oiliness, no white cast – just radiant, shielded skin.


SPF moisturisers

While face sunscreens provide high levels of protection, SPF moisturisers combine hydration and sun protection, ideal for everyday use. Novage+ Anti-Ageing Day Cream SPF 30 intensely hydrates, strengthens, and protects the skin barrier to fight multiple signs of ageing. Choose between the Light and Rich formulation for your specific needs. Another great option is Optimals Urban Guard Day Cream SPF 25. With pollution-protecting technology and a non-greasy formula suitable for all seasons, it protects and moisturises for hydrated, city-ready skin.

SPF-infused makeup for a safe glow

While proper skincare prep with SPF is crucial, our SPF-infused makeup offers an additional layer of sun protection for a safe, sun-kissed glow. From tinted moisturiser to foundation, our range provides both coverage and SPF benefits for a flawless complexion.

SPF tinted moisturisers

For daily protection with a hint of coverage, try our Giordani Gold CC Cream SPF 30. This multitasking product provides hydration and sun protection while evening out your skin tone for a natural, radiant finish. Its lightweight formula makes it perfect for everyday use, ensuring your skin stays protected without feeling heavy or greasy.

SPF-infused foundations

For a flawless complexion and sun protection in one, our Giordani Gold Serum Boost Foundation SPF 12 and Giordani Gold Eternal Glow Foundation SPF 25 are your go-to base options. Whether you prefer a serum-infused, age-defying formula that instantly blurs fine lines or a deeply hydrating liquid foundation that´s Vegan Certifed, both provide buildable coverage and skincare benefits to keep your skin looking its best.
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Dry Mist Body + Face SPF 50 High
Sun Zone

Dry Mist Body + Face SPF 50 High



Proceuticals Ultra Light UV-Age Day Shield + SPF 50

Proceuticals Ultra Light UV-Age Day Shield + SPF 50



Age Defying Serum Boost Foundation SPF 12 +UVA Protection
Giordani Gold

Age Defying Serum Boost Foundation SPF 12 +UVA Protection



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