3 step korean skin care - How to get glass skin

Achieve Dewy, Clear Skin: How to Get Glass Skin

The glass skin trend is here to stay, because why would dewy, crystal clear skin ever go out of style? Read on to find out how to build your own glass skin routine to get the sought-after glass-like complexion.

What is glass skin?
Glass skin is skin that is so clear, luminous and translucent that it gets an almost glass-like appearance. According to our skin expert and Senior Scientist, Capucine Martin-Phipps, glass skin is a term coined by US-based Korean brands and bloggers to describe the Korean Beauty trend “honey skin”: “Honey skin in Korea means healthy, dewy skin with this ultra-moisturised, almost shiny-looking vibe,” says Martin-Phipps. “Korean ’honey skin’ is more about nourishment of the skin from within while ’glass skin’ is about skin texture and how it looks. That being said, both terms come down to a healthy-looking plump, moisturised complexion.”

From a skin physiology perspective, “translucency” and that “glowy” dewy look can be impacted by how healthy the skin surface is. “If your skin is rough from too many dead skin cells or from slow cell turnover it can make the skin look dull,” Martin-Phipps explains. But in the end, she says achieving translucent skin is ”…also and maybe more impacted by how moisturised your skin is.” So, hydration it is. Got it!

The glass skin routine
Those familiar with the K-Beauty world know the importance of layering your skin care products, and like other K-Beauty trends, glass skin is no quick-fix. That being said, you can always tailor your routine to fit your needs. In the end, it all comes down to effective cleansing and adding extra layers of sumptuous hydration to achieve that dewy, glass-like look. Martin-Phipps suggests including the following steps in your glass skin routine:

1. Start with a double cleanse
As we like to say, healthy skin starts with great cleansing. Double cleansing gets rid of both oil-based impurities that contribute to clogged pores, and water-based impurities like sweat and old skin cells that as we know, can make our skin look dull. To double cleanse, start with NovAge Facial Cleansing Oil and following up with NovAge Supreme Cleansing Gel. If you want to be even more thorough, cleanse with SkinPro Sonic 3-in-1 System, a cleansing brush that is clinically proven to be more effective than manual cleansing.

2. Face Mist
As a second step in your glass skin routine, you can spritz your skin with a skin-quenching face mist. Optimals Urban Guard 3D Mist gives your skin a refreshing boost of hydration, with Nordic spruce antioxidants. “The Optimals Urban Guard 3D Mist can also be used as a “moisture top-up” during the day if you’re in a dry climate, or indoors with air-con or heating,” explains Martin-Phipps.

3. Apply a skin essence
An essence usually adds an extra layer of moisturisation, and then some depending on its benefits. Use an essence like NovAge Skin Priming Essence after cleansing: it accelerates cell turnover and reduces the appearance of pores. For an authentic K-beauty experience, use the 7-skin method that entails patting in drops of essence with your hands, one drop at a time up to 7 times. “I myself use the 7-skin method to apply my essence under moisturiser or serum, and it actually takes less time to apply it one drop at a time rather than splashing on a lot, and the patting gesture really feels like it’s energising the skin. I definitely look better when I do it then when I don’t,” says Martin-Phipps.

4. Hydrating eye cream
While the skin around your eyes may not seem as important to this look, dark circles and under-eye bags can really impact the end result of your glass-skin look, so don’t forget your eye cream! We suggest using Skinergise Ideal Perfection Eye Cream that provides 24-hour hydration (courtesy of hyaluronic acid) and visibly fades puffiness and dark circles.

5. Layer on a serum with hyaluronic acid
Hyaluronic acid is the queen of hydration with the capacity to hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water, and since glass skin is all about hydration what could be better addition to this routine than a serum with hyaluronic acid? We suggest adding a layer of Skinergise Ideal Perfection Serum after your eye cream. Take your time with application here, slowly pat the serum into the skin and neck to give it an extra chance to work its magic.

6. Face Oil for dry skin
If you have dry skin, Martin-Phipps suggests applying a dry face oil like NovAge Nutri6 Facial Oil Capsules just seconds after your serum. “This is a great complement for drier skins that on top of missing some “water” moisture in their stratum corneum, are missing some of the fats that make the skin barrier whole and efficient.”

7. Hydrate skin with a moisturiser
To lock in all of that yummy hydration and add another layer of moisture, lavish your skin with a light gel-based day cream. Optimals Hydra Radiance Day Cream Light with Vitamin C and antioxidants from Brown-green algae is a good option, it provides skin with all-day hydration and boosts radiance, while balancing facial shine.

8. Face Mask and Face Peel
Face masks and face peels should not be used daily but can deliver some great benefits if used a few times a week. A peel, for example removes dead skin cells and increases cell turnover that could otherwise build up and make your skin look dull. An overnight mask on the other hand replenishes your skin with hydration that may have been lost during the day. As you may have gathered by now, keeping moisture in your skin is key. At night, multiple times per week, use NovAge Intense Skin Recharge Overnight Mask and twice a week, exfoliate your skin with the NovAge Skin Renewing Peel.

No one said the glass skin routine was easy, and achieving flawless skin definitely takes dedication to your skin care routine. “It may go without saying, but double cleansing twice daily and using a skin care routine twice daily plays a big role in how great our skin looks,” Martin-Phipps says.

7-8 steps twice daily may seem a little daunting, but when the result is ultra-hydrated, soft and glowing skin that reflects light like…well, glass (!), we think it’s well worth it!

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