Confident glow: Unveiling self-esteem with skincare

Published: 17/05/2024 | Author: Evelin Kangur

Discovering your self-confidence is about more than just skincare; it's a holistic approach to self-love and acceptance. Join us as we explore how nurturing your skin and practising selfcare can be a transformative step towards embracing your unique beauty and living life on your own terms. Let the beauty inside you glow happiness on everyone around you.


Seeking happiness is a personal journey and no one should say otherwise. Whatever nourishes your happy place, either a long home-spa evening, a mood boosting brisk walk or a brunch with your favourite human – indulge! Sometimes getting a boost of happiness from plump lips is all it takes to turn your day around. Pocket the dashing Tender Care multi-purpose balm with beeswax and vitamin E to get immediate relief from dry spots – use it on lips, hands, eyebrows or feet.

How to feel confident in your own skin

We wholeheartedly believe that you can feel confident and radiant at any age, weight number or skin colour. In fact, we celebrate all the intricate and beautiful differences all women, and men, have.
Yet, happiness is an inside job – we need to dig deeper into ourselves to find what makes us truly, authentically happy. Maybe you need to adjust your everyday routines to take care of your wellbeing or shift your attention to things that are already fulfilling – sometimes you just need to recognise it. It’s no easy feat, but once you find it, there’s no turning back. So, where to start?



Practise high esteem

Practice makes perfect, right? The route to high self-esteem is about muting external noise and tuning into the whispers of your intuition. It’s a daily practice of showing up for yourself and choosing circumstances aligned with your true north.
Take these simple and empowering practises to your everyday life:
● Set goals and hold yourself accountable
● Celebrate the small things
● Listen to your intuition and say “no” to people pleasing
● Shift attention from mind to body with movement

How to boost self-confidence with skincare routine

If you're a woman in this era, you know how skin affects self-confidence. The way your skin feels and looks influences your mood, there’s no arguing about that. We’re all about recognising the beauty inside you and enhancing it. Let’s look at how skincare can enhance your natural beauty and build confidence.

3 easy steps for mood boosting skincare

Nothing says “happiness glow” better than the Novage+ Facial Oil Capsules – it’s a unique blend of six potent oils that replenish skin barrier, give a dewy tone and improve texture for face, neck and décolletage. The nutrient-rich capsules revive skin’s softness, smoothness and radiance. Incorporate the oil to your usual skincare routine by applying it in morning and evening as a step after cleansing and before moisturising. Give yourself time to be present and apply face oil while massaging your face gently.
Lock in the nourishing oils with sun-protecting Royal Velvet Day Cream. The hydrating and firming cream targets fine lines and wrinkles leaving the face firmly contoured with improved bounce and elasticity. The skin’s barrier feels strong and replenished. Use on cleansed skin or after face oil.
Finish the confidence boosting skincare routine with a hybrid Woke Up Like This Skin Retoucher cream, the warm sun-kissed shimmer blurs imperfections, balances uneven skin tones and smooths skin texture while giving immediate and all-day dewy skin glow. Deeply hydrating primer is best applied after your regular moisturiser – add 2-3 drops to nose, cheeks and forehead.


As you navigate your journey towards confidence, remember it's not just about the skincare routine—it's about embracing every part of yourself. From moments of selfcare to celebrating little victories, it's all about finding what makes you glow inside and out. So, go ahead, live life on your terms, and let your radiance inspire those around you. After all, happiness is the best beauty accessory you can wear.
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