Introducing the new, updated Tender Care!

The Tender Care that you know and love has gotten a makeover! Read on to get all the details about how we’ve updated everyone’s favourite product!

Tender Care has been a loved Oriflame icon since its creation in 1970. It’s one of those products that we all keep in our purses, bathroom cabinets or bedside tables as a miracle go-to balm for dry lips, cuticles, nails, hands – you name it! The formula has been the same since 1980(it was actually an eye cream before that!), so when we got the idea to update it, we were a bit hesitant. Should we really change something so iconic? But we also truly believed that we could take Tender Care to the next level, which was worth the shot, and we’re very proud of the result!

How and why did we update Tender Care?
Well, we wanted to make the formula more respectful to the planet, so we’ve upgraded the formulation with renewable natural oils - sunflower and castor oil, which means that the formula is now has a 99.9% natural origin. But don’t worry, the formula will still nourish your skin as well as before (we asked consumers to make sure!). Basically, it’s the Tender Care you know and love, just more natural! And not only that, but we also decided to give the packs and design an update!


A greener pack
We managed to improve the packaging design so that Tender Care now uses 20% less plastic. Less plastic means less waste, which means a better environmental footprint. We think that’s a win! We also made the opening of the jar wider, so that it’s easier to access all of the formula, resulting in less product waste. Add to that a refreshed logo design and nice multi-coloured packaging (except for the original, that one still has the iconic pink!) and you get Tender Care 2.0!


Nourishing care for dry skin all over the body
Tender Care is a favourite not only because of its nourishing formula, but also because you can use it anywhere on the body! Aside from the traditional uses that most people know about – dry lips and skin such as cuticles, elbows, heels etc., Tender Care can be used for many other things! Here are some less known useful tips for this multi-tasking hero:
• Use it to get a glossy eyebrow look or as an alternative to brow gel to smooth out stray hairs.
• Get a natural, hydrated glow by using it as a highlighter on your cheekbones.
• Dab it on dry skin around your nose in cold weather.

Did you get any new ideas? Either way, we hope you are as excited as we are about the new Tender Care. We’re proud that a product that has been with us for so long can carry on in a new edition that is more respectful to the planet, but nourishes as effectively as always. Get yours here.