Novage skincare routines for all mothers and daughters

Published: 22/02/2024 | Author: Valeria Solonari

How do you plan to celebrate Mother's Day this year? Why not make it extra special by sharing an indulgent skincare routine between mother and daughter? Skincare helps bridge the gap between generations and brings joy and connection to shared moments. Let's explore personalised Novage+ routines, tailor-made for mothers, daughters, and grandmothers alike, and discover the beauty of bonding over skincare.

THE MOTHER: Radiant guardian of daily life

Mothers, the resilient custodians of daily life, deserve a skincare routine that matches their strength. The Novage+ Wrinkle Smooth Routine stands as their steadfast ally, addressing the challenges of motherhood.
Common skin concerns: • Fine lines, wrinkles, and deep wrinkles • Loss of elasticity • Daily stress and fatigue • Sun protection for anti-ageing

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Daily skincare routine for mothers

STEP 1: Novage+ Refresh Gel Cleanser Start your day gently thanks to Bio Lipid System Technology that ensures your skin is balanced and primed to absorb the routine’s other actives.
STEP 2: Novage+ Wrinkle Smooth Eye Cream Combat dark circles, puffiness, and fatigue etched around tired eyes with Bio CollagenPro and Eye Vital technologies, Niacinamide, Squalane and Shea Butter.
STEP 3: Novage+ Wrinkle Smooth Serum Target deep wrinkles and achieve youthful-looking skin with this superhero serum. Enriched with Bio CollagenPro and Oripeptide-3 technologies, it works to diminish wrinkles and deep wrinkles.
STEP 4 (day): Novage+ Anti-Ageing Day Cream SPF 30 Strengthen and protect your skin barrier with Bio Re:Barrier and Advanced Pollution System technologies, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid. This cream hydrates, firms, and enhances skin radiance while shielding it from environmental stressors.
STEP 4 (night): Novage+ Anti-Ageing Night Cream Infused with Bio CeramidesPro and Advanced NightSync technologies, this deeply nourishing cream supports skin repair and renewal during sleep, helping you wake up to revitalised and refreshed skin.
COMPLEMENT YOUR ROUTINE: For moments when self-care feels like a distant dream, NovAge Proceuticals Multi Mist provides on-the-go hydration with active Lactobionic Acid. Similarly, Novage+ Overnight Mask replenishes your skin's vitality overnight – think of it as 8 hours of beauty sleep in a jar, regardless of whether you manage to catch some shut-eye.

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THE DAUGHTER: Blooming into beauty

Daughters, on the cusp of self-discovery, should embrace the Novage+ Blemish + Age Defy Routine. Perfectly suited for developing skin, it addresses the challenges of adolescence while safeguarding against premature ageing.
Common skin concerns: • Acne and blemishes • Excess oil production • Fines lines and wrinkles prevention • Dark circles and puffiness

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Daily skincare routine for daughters

STEP 1: Novage+ Refresh Gel Cleanser For young skin, we recommend thorough cleansing in the evening to remove any makeup or accumulated dirt from the day. In the morning, simply rinse with water to maintain the skin's natural oils and support overnight restoration.
STEP 2: Novage+ Wrinkle Smooth Eye Cream Enriched with Bio CollagenPro, Eye Vital technologies, Niacinamide, and Squalane, it helps prevent the appearance of fine lines, while reducing dark circles and puffiness by boosting eye contour microcirculation. Keep your delicate eye area vibrant and refreshed!
STEP 3: Novage+ Blemish + Age Defy Serum Combat breakouts, clogged pores, and blemish scars with the help of Bio Sebum Control, Oripeptide-3 technologies, and Succinic Acid, while also preventing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.
STEP 4 (day): Novage+ Anti-Ageing Day Cream SPF 30 In the morning, this lightweight moisturiser not only hydrates the skin but also provides essential sun protection. Strengthening the skin barrier, it improves texture and radiance for a healthy-looking complexion throughout the day.
STEP 4 (night): Novage+ Anti-Ageing Night Cream While a night cream may seem less critical when you’re young, its long-term effects are undeniable for maintaining hydrated and plump skin. This one replenishes moisture overnight, supporting skin renewal and vitality.
COMPLEMENT YOUR ROUTINE: When your skin requires extra attention, elevate your routine with the NovAge Skin Renewing Peel. This innovative product offers a gentle alternative to classic scrub exfoliators that leaves your skin instantly brighter and renewed.

THE GRANDMOTHER: Wisdom in every line

Beauty and skin health should echo through any age, and grandmothers can find solace in the NovAge Time Restore. Specially tailored to address mature skin concerns, it offers advanced multi-active solutions for a rejuvenated look.
Common skin concerns: • Loss of firmness and elasticity • Deep wrinkles, age spots, and uneven skin tone • Dryness and dehydration • Hormonal changes caused by menopause

Daily skincare routine for grandmothers

STEP 1: NovAge Supreme Cleansing Gel Formulated with a soothing technology, it effectively cleanses and tones the skin, while the blend of moisturising agents and Vitamin E leaves your skin feeling refreshed and balanced.
STEP 2: NovAge Time Restore Eye and Lip Cream Pamper your delicate eye and lip areas with our nourishing cream. Specifically designed to target wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness, it helps define and smooth these areas for a more youthful appearance.
STEP 3: NovAge Time Restore Revitalising Serum Address your specific ageing concerns with a revitalising serum. Formulated for mature skin, it deeply hydrates while enhancing the skin’s tone and boosting its natural radiance.
STEP 4 (day): NovAge Time Restore Multi Correcting Day Cream SPF 15 During the day, protect and moisturise your skin. Designed to combat environmental stressors and sun damage, this day cream rejuvenates mature skin, reducing deep wrinkles and age spots for a denser, suppler complexion.
STEP 4 (night): NovAge Time Restore Regenerative Night Cream Luxuriously nourishing, this night cream helps diminish deep wrinkles and pigmentation while providing intense hydration, leaving your skin feeling nourished and revitalised by morning.
COMPLEMENT YOUR ROUTINE: Addressing the inevitable thinning and reduced elasticity of ageing skin, NovAge Proceuticals Peptide Ampoules offer a one-week intensive course to lift and firm the skin. Extending this focus to the delicate neck and décolleté area, prone to sun damage and urban pollution, we recommend NovAge Neck and Décolleté Sculpting Serum. Powered by Pro-Lastin Technology and Complexion-Boosting Complex, it’s formulated to enhance skin elasticity.
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Wrinkle Smooth Routine Mixed

Wrinkle Smooth Routine Mixed



Intense Skin Recharge Overnight Mask

Intense Skin Recharge Overnight Mask


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