Five easy ways to healthy, happy feet

Published: 05/02/2024 | Author: Joe Hewitt

Let’s take a detour from our usual beauty routines to focus on a foundation that often goes overlooked: our feet. It’s time to give them the care they deserve – here are five great ways to keep your feet healthy and happy!

1. The Ritual of Self-Care

It’s well worth taking some quality time to pamper your hard-working feet. For an instant mood boost, immerse your feet in a basin of warm water infused with the soak of your choice. Take a few minutes to enjoy the sensation of relaxation and serenity as you massage your feet, slowly releasing the tension of the day. This is a wonderful opportunity for a little everyday indulgence!

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2. Nail Your Nail care

Another easy route to happy feet is to lavish attention on your nails. Pop your toes into the Everyday Pedicure Toe Separators, and take your time to trim and shape your nails to perfection. THE ONE’s range of vibrant nail polishes offers an array of hues to suit your mood. Nails can add that final touch and complement your overall look.

3. Indulge in Moisturisation

For feet that look and feel great, it’s time to cocoon your feet in nourishing hydration. The Feet Up Everyday range has plenty of pampering products to choose from. From the Overnight Moisturising Foot Cream to the Nourishing Foot Mask, their rich, velvety formulas will envelop your feet in comfort, locking in moisture and promoting softness.

4. Put Your Feet Up

After spending a long day on our feet, we often forget to give them a well-earned break. Have a lie-down and elevate your feet for 15 minutes or so to reduce swelling and improve blood flow. This simple (and relaxing) practice can help to soothe tired, achy feet, especially if you’ve had an extra busy day.

5. Invest in Your Shoes

Invest in Your Shoes This might seem obvious, but it’s worth a reminder: make sure your shoes are comfortable, fit well and are appropriate for your day’s plans. If you know you’ll be on your feet a lot, remember to take an extra pair of comfy slip-ons as well as heels so you don’t have to wear the latter for long periods. This will help to avoid discomfort and foot problems like blisters or calluses. Keep things fresh with a minty foot spray , and as a back-up, it’s always a good idea to have some foot cushions in your bag, just in case.

Bonus: Extra Tips for Blissful Feet
While these five ways form a good foundation of great foot care, here are some more quick tips to maintain the beauty and well-being of your feet!
Shoe rotation: Allow your shoes to breathe by rotating them regularly. This reduces moisture build-up and extends the life of your favourite pairs.
Stay hydrated: Proper hydration is not just for your face—it's crucial for your feet too. Sip water throughout the day to maintain skin elasticity.
Stretch and strengthen: Incorporate foot exercises and stretches into your daily routine to enhance your flexibility and help prevent many common foot ailments.
So there you have it. Take care of your feet using our tips and ideas, and they will take care of you – it’s easy!
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