How to get a natural no-makeup makeup look

Published: 03/05/2024 | Author: Andrea Simons

As much as we love a full face of makeup, sometimes a natural bare skin look just feels fresher. Natural makeup looks are trending both on the runways and on TikTok, so we’re here to spill the tea on how to get the coveted woke-up-like-this glow with skincare-makeup hybrids that give your skin that smooth, light-catching finish.

The no-makeup makeup look

The clean, fresh-faced look is always in style, but post-lockdown it has exploded on TikTok and we’re here for it! Not only do we love how effortless it is, but using less products is also better for the planet!
The no-makeup makeup look has been on the table for ages, but the look of the season is characterised by emphasising your natural skin with just a few touch ups. This means heaps of hydration, hiding imperfections, evening out the skin tone and a whole lot of glow. And of course, good skincare is the base of any makeup look, but it’s especially important for this look where you want to let your skin be the main character!

Get the look with Waunt hybrid skincare

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Sleeping mask

Don’t sleep on sleeping masks! These babies can give you a whole lot more than your night cream because they are designed to last longer on your skin and often have different qualities. Waunt Revive Me Daily Sleeping Mask mildly exfoliates your skin and helps to even out your skin tone overnight. Apply before you go to bed and wake up looking fresh and radiant. First step down!

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Butter cleanser

To nail the no-makeup makeup look and get that silky smooth base you need to make sure that the pores aren’t full of dirt and old makeup and that the skin isn’t dry and flaky. We all know some cleansers can be drying, but Waunt Level Up Butter Cleanser hits different! It is formulated without surfactants (cleansing agents usually found in cleansers) which makes it unusually gentle on the skin. It is a silky, buttery cream with a unique butter-to oil-to-milk texture that sticks to impurities and easily melts away makeup and dirt for a cleansed and nourished base.

Eye stick

Instead of applying concealer under your eyes, try a brightening eye cream with mattifying powder and a subtle touch of shimmer that reflects light for a brighter eye area instead. This hydrates the eye area and gives you a more natural look! Get your hands on Oh That’s Bright Eye Stick now.


Now that your skin is cleansed and prepped, it’s time for massive amounts of hydration! Use Waunt Smooth Cheeks Liquid Toner Cream to drench your skin in soothing moisture to level up your dewiness, calm the skin and give it a refreshed glow, not just in this routine but to top up during the day.

Dewy gel cream

Did you think we were finished with hydration? Think again! Optimal hydration is all about layering, so a moisturiser on top of your toner-cream is the way to go. Waunt Water Burst Dewy Gel-Cream is a gel cream with water-burst texture, meaning it holds immense amounts of water and helps to prime and deeply moisturise your skin, even more!

Skin retoucher

The cherry on top of your no-makeup makeup look is adding a touch of shimmery glow that gives your skin that smooth, light-catching finish without making it look oily. Look for a glow-product that hydrates, reduces shininess and has small shimmer particles. Waunt Woke Up Like This Skin Retoucher does just that, as well as blur imperfections and even out skin texture to perfect your skin.
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