Your Questions About NovAge Answered

Are you in the process of selecting a skin care brand or just want more information about NovAge? Then get your questions answered by our Senior Director of Science of Innovation, Dr Alain Mavon.

1. Is NovAge relevant for all skin types?
Yes, NovAge is relevant for all skin types.

2. How do I determine which NovAge range is best for my skin?
Your age gives you an indication, but it is more important to identify your main skin concerns and choose a range that targets them.

3. Which specific signs of skin ageing does the NovAge skin care system target?
You can continue to use your existing products, but we recommend switching to NovAge as it is designed to be most effective when using the set of six products, following the routine.

4. Can I continue to use my other Oriflame products together with NovAge or should I switch completely?
The NovAge skin care system targets the 12 skin-ageing signs that matter most – that is the signs that directly correlate to a negative age perception.

5. What is a clinical study and what does clinically proven mean?
A clinical study involves volunteers testing a product for a given period of time. The benefits brought by the product are objectively measured using various technical methods.

Clinically proven means that the claims to substantiate the benefits of the product are coming from a clinical test with objective measurements. Such clinical proof is a guarantee for the consumer that the product is really efficient.

6. 6. NovAge is described as being powered by natural innovative technologies. what does this mean and why is it innovative?
NovAge is powered either by natural plant technologies or nature-inspired technologies. Innovative means that these technologies are the result of ground-breaking research.

7. What are plan stem cells?
Plant stem cells are bio-technology used to produce natural extracts in a very sustainable manner, in a highly concentrated form. Depending on the original plant, they can possess various anti-ageing activities.

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